The Junior rooms from Donagh NS, St. Columb’s NS and Scoil Mhuire met in Scoil Mhuire, Gleneely on 14th January 2020 for their 3rd in school meet-up. The theme for the day was ‘Relaxation’. The children were split into 3 groups which consisted of a mix of children from different ages in each school. The groups took part in 3 different activities. The activities were Guided meditation and mindful colouring, a confidence building workshop and yoga.

The children were given a winter themed picture to colour. There was relaxing and soothing music on in the background while the children completed their colouring. They also participated in Guided meditation.

The second activity was the self- confidence building workshop. Emma talked to the children about how their body language can say a lot about how a person feels. She showed them how sitting properly in their chair can help to speak out loud and clear. Emma also got all the children to look into her box of hidden treasure to see what treasure they could find. When each child looked into the box they saw their reflection. This was to show them that each one of them is a ‘special treasure’. To finish the workshop Maria asked the children to say three sentences to themselves everyone morning…

  1. I can
  2. I can do anything
  3. Anything is possible

The final station was yoga. Odel, a lady who teaches yoga in Carndonagh, came to teach us how to perform some yoga poses. Each child lay down on a mat. Odel made the yoga experience very child friendly by changing the name of some of the poses to animal names so the children could pretend they were that animal. An example of this was being an elephant and turtle. After the yoga, some of the children said they found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

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